You Could Drink, Or...

Social Worker: Do you drink?

Man: Yes.

Social Worker: How much a day?

Man: Three six packs.

Social Worker: How much is a six pack?

Man: about $10.00.

Social Worker: And how long have you been drinking that much?

Man: Fifteen years.

Social Worker: So one six pack costs you $10.00, and you have three six-packs a day, which puts your spending each month at about $900. In one year, it would be $10,800. Correct?

Man: Yeah, that math works out. Sure.

Social Worker: If in one year you spend $10,800, not accounting for inflation, the past 15 years puts your spending at around $162,000, correct?

Man: Yep.

Social Worker: Do you know that if you hadn't drank all that beer, that money could have been put in a step-up interest savings account and, after accounting for compound interest for the past 15 years, you could have now bought a brand new Ferrari?

long pause

Man: Do you drink?

Social Worker: No.

Man: Then why the hell are you driving a Chevy?

Posted February 18, 2013

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