You Can't Take it With You

When Bill Clinton was on his deathbed, he told his most trusted aide that, having managed to thwart all the rest of the rules in life, he had figured out how to "take it with him" after death.

He instructed his aide to withdraw $5 million cash from his secret account and put it in two suitcases in the attic above his bed so his soul could grab them as it departed.

The next day, after Bill died, Hillary went into the attic with the aide to see if the cash-filled suitcases were still there.

No surprise, they were there, still stuffed with cash.

"I could have told him," Hillary said to the aide, "that you should have put them in the basement."

- - -

(He clearly wasn't prepared! The Get Out of Hell Free Card — Don't Leave this Earthly Plane Without One!)

Posted June 11, 2012

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