Working at Motorola

This is an actual item from the newsletter put out to employees at Motorola this month.

Plantation (FL08) Incidents

The Plantation facility was placed on Lock Down status for about an hour on June 10 at the request of local law enforcement, when an armed robber fleeing pursuit ran onto the Motorola property. Police conducted a search, and the facility resumed normal status when it was confirmed that the fugitive was no longer on site.

Then, Friday afternoon, an iguana apparently crawled into an electrical transformer located adjacent to the Motorola property, shorting it and causing the transformer to explode. The flaming iguana carcass then fell to the ground and ignited a small brush fire. The fire department responded and quickly extinguished the fire.

Neither incident resulted in any impact to Motorola property or personnel. However, after a snake in a wastewater tank on Monday, an armed fugitive on Wednesday, and an iguana-ignited brush fire on Friday, we are hoping for a quieter week.

Posted June 19, 2009

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