Women: Just as Stupid as Men

As a woman, I feel it's my duty to defend the honor of women. Surely it's beyond question that women are as stupid as men are. Perhaps not in the idea department; I'll concede to men on that one. But in the broader scope of stupidity, women are every bit the equals of men. Here are just a few examples.

  1. We marry men whose apartments could be mistaken for the village dump. Then we act appalled at their hamper-impaired behavior.

  2. High heels.
  3. We never give up trying to train men to put the seat down, replace the toilet paper, or go through the motions of aiming.
  4. Pantyhose.
  5. We fall for the "I don't know how to use the washer/dryer" ruse. (Actually, this one's a draw: Men fall for our "I'm too weak to take out the garbage/carry the groceries/operate the lawn mower" ruse.)
  6. ThighMasters
  7. We sob and ask "Whatever shall I do?" Then we get angry when men give us advice instead of comfort.
  8. The Wonderbra
  9. We gaze at an actress with the latest, grungy "dirty hair-do." Then we pay big bucks to have it too.
  10. Tummy Tucks
  11. We attempt to win battles with our mothers-in-law.
  12. Other Tucks.
  13. We brawl over the last, torn, buttonless item on the "final sales" rack.
  14. Mini-skirts after age 25.
  15. Despite the invention of the answering machine, we still wait by the phone.
  16. The one-size-smaller incentive plan.
  17. When driving far from home and hopelessly lost, we dare to mention asking for directions.
  18. Breast implants.
  19. We imagine if we drop enough hints, men will surprise us with just the right gift.
  20. Hip huggers, hot pants, platform shoes, spandex, Evita fashions, and the upper arm girdle.

This is but a tiny sampling of female stupidity. No doubt, I've foolishly forgotten many obvious examples. But even this short list proves my point: Women are at least as stupid as men are.

- - -

This was attributed to Madeleine Begun Kane, but didn't find anything like this at her web site, http://www.madkane.com....

Posted October 4, 2010

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