Weddings You Wish You Could Go To

One of my favorite bits on The Tonight Show with Jay Leno is weddings, part of his "headlines" bit. He only gets a batch of weddings together every few months, and they're hysterical. I don't remember any of these from Leno, so maybe he's not the source; but these are apparently all real wedding announcements clipped from newspapers (and right in line with those Jay finds)....

Hardy-Harr Wedding
The Hardy-Harr Wedding -- Rachel Harr and Daniel Hardy. Har!

Poore-Sapp Wedding
The Poore-Sapp Wedding -- first names lost (the poor saps!)

Looney-Warde Wedding
The Looney-Warde Wedding -- Shelby Warde and Joe Looney.

Crapp-Beer Wedding
The Crapp-Beer Wedding -- Emily Crapp and Travis Beer (or maybe Emily Beer and Travis Crapp -- hard to tell).

Best-Lay Wedding
The Best-Lay Wedding -- Jennifer Lay and William Best (no wonder they're smiling!)

Busch-Rash Wedding
The Busch-Rash Wedding -- Cynthia Busch and Matthew Rash (why are they smiling?!)

Neisser-Ho Wedding
The Neisser-Ho Wedding -- Clarence and the missus.

Wang-Holder Wedding
The Wang-Holder Wedding -- Anna Wang and Brad Holder (and notice she has the bigger smile!)

Beaver-Wetter Wedding
The Beaver-Wetter Wedding -- Derek Wetter and his bride (shouldn't he be smiling bigger?)


Traylor-Hooker Wedding
The Traylor-Hooker Wedding -- Maureen Hooker and Steven Traylor.

No doubt you're smiling now!

Posted July 27, 2007

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