Web Sites that Sound Dirty (But Aren't)

You have to be careful when you register a domain name! It's sometimes hard to figure out what words are embedded in it if you don't capitalize things well in your advertising:

Site: GotAHoe.com (Book yourself a hooker?)
Is really: GoTahoe.com (Lake Tahoe Visitors Bureau)

Site: PenisLand.net (Vacation spot to envy?)
Is really: PenIsland.net (Sells custom pens)

Site: TheRapistFinder.com (Locate a violent criminal?)
Is really: TherapistFinder.com (Directory of therapists)

Site: ExpertSexChange.net (Schedule reassignment surgery?)
Is really: ExpertsExchange.net (Data base experts site)

Site: WhorePresents.com (Gift registry for sex workers?)
Is really: WhoRepresents.com (Directory of agents and who they represent)

Site: PowerGenitalia.com (Battery operated toys?)
Is really: PowergenItalia.com (Italian power company)

Site: MolestationNursery.com (Stay away from those kids!)
Is really: MoleStationNursery.com (A plant nursery in Mole Station, Australia)

Site: DollarSexChange.com (For budget-minded surgeries?)
Is really: DollarsExchange.com (Currency trading site)


Site: CummingFirst.com (Oh, dear!)
Is really: CummingFirst.com (Yeah, well, it's the Cumming, Georgia, First Methodist Church!)

Posted June 15, 2014

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