We Regret the Error

Sometimes the corrections that newspapers print are funnier than made-up jokes. These are all real corrections from real newspapers in 2007:

The Sentinel-Review (Woodstock, Ontario):

In an article in Monday's newspaper, there may have been a misperception about why a Woodstock man is going to Afghanistan on a voluntary mission. Kevin DeClark is going to Afghanistan to gain life experience to become a police officer when he returns, not to shoot guns and blow things up.

The Sentinel-Review apologizes for any embarrassment this may have caused.

New York Daily News:

A HEADLINE in Monday's Daily News, "He regrets his role in 'postal' vid," implied that Richard Marino, the subject of a YouTube video, was sorry for an incident in December at a Brooklyn post office. Marino, in fact, is not sorry. The News regrets the error.

Daily Telegraph (UK):

APOLOGY: In Friday's article on Liz Hurley's wedding it was wrongly stated that the actress is holding a pheasant shoot on the Sunday after the ceremony. Game shooting is of course illegal on Sundays and the pheasant season ended on Feb 1. We apologise for the error and accept that if any shooting is to be done it will be by the paparazzi, who have no season and do not observe the Sabbath.

The Mississauga News:

A story posted earlier today on mississauga.com contained incorrect information about a traffic jam on the Queen Elizabeth Way in Mississauga.

It was a multi-vehicle crash on the QEW at Dixie Rd. that brought traffic to a standstill.

We incorrectly blamed the traffic back-up on a civil protest involving hundreds of Caledonia residents.

In fact, the protest is scheduled for tomorrow morning.

The News regrets the error.

The Guardian:

We misspelled the word misspelled twice, as mispelled, in the Corrections and clarifications column on September 26, page 30.

Toronto Star:

A Nov. 19 article about a new study indicating that Detroit is the most dangerous U.S. city incorrectly stated that Detroit has seen nearly one million people killed since 1950.

In fact, that number represents the overall decline in Detroit's population since 1950, not the number of people killed.

The Star regrets the error.

The Mirror (UK):

BIG Brother's Carole is a sexual health worker, not a sex worker, which usually means something rather different (Page 33, July 13).

(From Regret the Error.)

Posted February 15, 2008

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