Wants to Know

This is an actual inquiry sent to the Montrose (Colorado) Enterprise newspaper -- and published there on June 5, 1906:

Wants to Know

Kind and respected sir: I see in the paper that a man named John Sipes was attacked and ate up by a bear whose cubs he was trying to get ... in the mountains near your town. What I want to know is did it kill him or was he only partly ate up. I think he is a distant husband of mine. My first husband was of that name but I thought he was killed in the war. I have been married twice since. If it is him, you will know by his six toes on the left foot. He also has a spread eagle tattooed on his front chest and an anchor on his right arm. If alive don't tell him I'm married to Joe White because he never liked Joe. Maybe you'd better act as if I'm dead, but find out all you can about him and please answer back.

P.S. Was the bear killed? Also was he married again and did he leave any property with me laying claims to?

(As collected by The Fore-Kin Trails Genealogical Society, Montrose, Colorado)

Posted February 29, 2016

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