Um, We Meant "President"

French president Nicolas Sarkozy lost his re-election bid, and MSNBC showed him giving a press conference Monday (May 7, 2012) to speak about the change of leader.

Unfortunately, MSNBC showed the wrong "Chyron" -- or on-screen graphics -- to tell viewers who he was:

MSNBC: Prostitute Speaks

For the visually impaired, the photo is a screen shot from a TV showing Sarkozy speaking. The graphic overlay reads, "Prostitute Speaks".

Of course, the opposition might agree....

According to the Washington Post, MSNBC says the control room "cut too soon" to the banner set up for the following story, about the Secret Service's ongoing sex scandal (which does involve actual prostitutes). "The incorrect banner was up for about one second before it was switched with the correct banner graphic, 'Au Revoir Austerity.' Human error on our part."

A spokesman said that "MSNBC regrets the error and we apologize to President Sarkozy and our viewers."

Thank heaven for DVRs that allow us to rewind when there's a "Wait! What was that?!" moment on TV, and capture it for posterity!

Posted May 9, 2012

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