To Boldly Go Where Someone Has Gone Before

Last night I visited the web site of the Chinese National Space Administration*, or CNSA (I wonder if that's pronounceable in Chinese, like "NASA" is in English?), and was amused to see their nice logo atop the page:

Yaknow, that logo on the left side really looks familiar! Yeah, here's its inspiration:

United Federation of Planets logo

Recognize it? That's the United Federation of Planets logo -- the "Federation" of the world of Star Trek.

So if you cross that logo with this other, more oval, yet still quite familiar icon:

Star Trek Communicator Badge icon

-- yes, the iconic "communicator badge" from Star Trek -- and voila! You get CNSA's logo:

Chinese National Space Administration logo

Here we were worried that China would steal our technology, when all they really want to do is steal our fiction. Luckily, they did it when no one was looking. It's not like there's a huge new blockbuster Star Trek movie or anything.

(I noticed when I was in China that one of their local car company's logo also liked the Star Trek insignia. I dubbed it the Chinese Beemer.)

- - -

*(CNSA's English Home Page)

Posted May 15, 2009

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