Three Old Men

Three old men were sitting together in a retirement home: Dave, Hy, and Randy. Most of the time they'd try to one-up each other about their youthful exploits, but this time they were discussing how each of them would like to die.

Dave started it off, saying "I would like to die in a race car going two-hundred-and-fifty miles an hour!"

Not to be outdone, Hy, a retired Air Force officer, said, "Me? I'd like to die in a jet fighter going mach 1!"

Hy and Dave then looked at Randy, seeing if the old coot could outdo those grand death wishes.

"Me?" Randy finally said, "I'd like to be shot!"

"Shot?!" said the other two, nearly in unison. "But why?!"

" a jealous husband," Randy continued.

Posted May 12, 2014

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