This is Why I Moderate "Comments" on My Web Sites

Spam doesn't just come by e-mail: a favorite spammer trick is to put a comment on a web site that "just happens" to have a URL in it, with hopes of getting traffic from popular sites.

Just posting a naked link is pretty easy to catch, so they bury the URLs in "comments". These are actual "comments" entered by spammers on my sites -- with the links, of course, removed, but with the actual commenter "name" as entered. (The strategy behind that: often blog comments link the commenter's "site URL" as a click from their "name" -- which gives an indication of what they're trying to sell.)

Needless to say, the "comment" never has anything to do with the actual content on the page, so the results can be pretty hilarious:

Don't you wish all site owners actually put in the work to ensure comments on their site were actually worth your time to read?!

Note: for serious anti-spam information, read my Spam Primer. But no, it doesn't accept comments....

Posted February 17, 2012

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