The Woes of Childhood

The attached is an unretouched screen capture from the Witchita (Kansas) Eagle newspaper's web site.

Now, I'm often amused by the juxtaposition of ads and content. Even on this site, the attempt to come up with an ad "relevant" to the content is sometimes funnier than the joke itself (though I've been working to make the ads relevant to the visitor, rather than the content).

And no doubt, it's just a coincidence that the newspaper put the ad they did against the story they did.

Still, the result can be hilarious. Look first at the photo of the little girl on the ad (upper left in the screen capture), then look at the headline for the story:

(For visually impaired readers, the ad, for life insurance, shows a little girl of about 3 years old with a shocked look on her face, her hands clasped to her cheeks in surprise. The headline on the story, dated Dec. 30, 2005, is "Shaming a young child about masturbation not the answer". It's a medical Q&A column, and the reader is asking what to do about her little girl's new-found habit. And immediately to the left of the headline? Yep: a link to the newspaper's Dating service section....)

Posted January 1, 2006

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