The Ultimate Computer Language

I have a good friend that's an uber-geek -- the kind of guy computer geeks think is a computer geek. I wish he needed work, because I'd keep him busy all the time, but (as he says), he wears too many hats.

If nothing else, he's "the IT department" for his wife's business. And by IT department, I mean on-site computer repair, web master, data processing manager, and whatever else you can think of that has to do with computers in a small business. Since he would like to keep sleeping with her, I do understand why she gets priority over me.

Recently, his wife launched a new product. Naturally, within an hour or two of the appointed launch time her web site went down. No reason. Just "because".

While it's nice to know that this kind of thing even happens to an uber-geek like him, he was quite philosophical about it: "There's a reason," he said, "that computer programmers often list 'profanity' as an additional computer-related language they're proficient in."

Posted June 15, 2007

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