The Top 20 Rejected Names for Windows Vista

Another half decade, another late Microsoft operating system. With that we bring you...

The Top 20 Rejected Names for Windows Vista

20> Windows XPalidocious

19> MS-DOS v9.0

18> Windows BORG: Resistance Is Futile

17> Windoops!...We did it again.

16> Windows OS-Venti

15> Windows: Tokyo Drift

14> iWindows iPod Edition (Not affiliated with Apple. Not for use on iPods.)

13> Windows Vespa

12> Windo@^Hfg%~ C:\>

11> Suck On This, Judge Thomas Penfield Jackson!

10> Windows Mounds o' Code

9> New Honey Nut Windows

8> Microsoft CashCow

7> Microsoft Bob X-Treme

6> Windows CSI: Redmond

5> Professor W. Indows' Miracle Bloatware Tonic

4> Winux

3> Windows Harvard Tuition Fund for Bill's Progeny From Years 3001-4000 A.D.

2> W1nd0wZ l33t pWns U, sUx0r J0bz!

and's Number 1 Rejected Name for Windows Vista...

1> Windows TP

Reprinted with permission from The Top 5 List, Copyright ©2006 by Chris White.

Posted November 10, 2006

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