The Rabbi and the Muslims

Yeah it's silly, but what the heck?


A rabbi got onto a plane and took the last seat available, surrounded by Muslims. There was an uncomfortable silence, but the rabbi took off his shoes and settled in for the flight.

After takeoff, there were several minutes of whispers and note passing. The rabbi broke the ice.

"I'm getting a Coke," the rabbi said. "Can I get you all a Coke, too?"

While he was gone, the Muslims each spit in his shoes. He returned with the drinks and the rest of the flight was more relaxed. As the plane landed, the rabbi put on his shoes and realized at once what had happened.

"Why must we live with such terrible disrespect?" he cried. "When will we stop spitting in each other's shoes and peeing in each other's Cokes?"

Posted September 22, 2014

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