The Kinder, Gentler, U.S. Navy

According to, the U.S. Navy "showed off" some new, high tech weapons. One immediately caught my eye.

In the screen capture below, pay particular attention to the caption. It reports that the Navy is "showing off its latest and greatest high-tech offerings to the public, such as this supersonice cruise missile." One word in there is a bit hard to parse, so let me help: it's talking about the SuperSoNice cruise missile.

Now, if you drop the "e" from that word, you get a completely different concept: a SuperSonic cruise missile. Somehow, I think that's what the military really means, but it's SoSuperNice of ABC to try to put a kinder, gentler face on the military in wartime.

Screen shot from ABCnews web site

(Source: ABCnews web site -- though I don't doubt they'll fix the typo once they see it.)

Posted May 28, 2006

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