The Genie

One day a man is walking down the beach and comes across an old bottle. Picking it up, he pulls out the cork. Sure enough, out pops a genie. The genie says, "Thank you for freeing me from my prison. In return I will grant you three wishes."

The man says "Perfect! I always dreamed of this and I know exactly what I want."

The genie nods.

"First, I want one billion dollars in a Swiss bank account."

Suddenly, there is a flash of light and a deposit slip with his Swiss bank account number appears in his hand.

"Next, I want a spectacular house overlooking this beach right here." There is another flash of light and a beautiful house appears on the cliff above them, attended by a full staff.

"Finally, I want to be irresistible to women." The genie disappears into final blaze of light, and the man instantly becomes gay.

Posted June 6, 2004

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