The Empire State Building

A man gets off the elevator at the bar on top of the Empire State Building. He is bowled over by the splendor and the view. He orders a drink, and then remarks about how there's a large open window with no guardrails or anything -- someone could fall a long way!

"There's no problem with that, it's completely safe!" says a man dressed in a sharp suit, glasses and a fedora. "Even if you fell out, the building creates a strong updraft current that will bring you right back to safety!"

"Huh?" the man says, incredulous.

"Sure, let me show you!" the man at the bar says, stepping to the window and allowing himself to fall right out.

"Oh my gosh!" says the newcomer. He bends over to look out the window to see what happened just as the man comes back up in the wind, right into the window, and lands right on his feet! Even his fedora is still firmly in place.

"That's amazing!" he says. "Does it happen like that all the time?"

"Yep, I've done it many times," says the square-jawed man. He offers to hold the newcomer's drink while he tries it.

"Here goes nothing," the newbie says. He leans out the window and falls out of the building — and all the way to the street where he goes Splat! The man in the suit says "tsk tsk tsk" and drinks the man's cocktail.

"You know," the bartender finally says to the regular, "you're really a mean bastard when you're drunk, Superman."

Posted December 6, 2013

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