The Dean's Letter

This is an actual letter that the dean of the "Health Academy" at Markham Middle School (Staten Island, NY) sent home to parents after a food fight in the cafeteria. The dean reportedly has two college degrees -- a bachelor's and a master's....

To the parents or guardians of the Health Academy 8th grade

Today Monday April 30th 2007, during out 6th period lunch many of the 8th graders were throwing food. The 8th grade section of the caferteria was left a mess with garbage left an all tables on the floor of that section. This type of behavior is unexcecpable at any grade especially the 8th grade. After discussing with our Principal Mrs DellaRocca we are now holding the entire health academy out of all senior activates (including prom and trip). It makes no difference if your child was directly involved or not, this is an action which affects the entire Academy.

As we enter May and the weather continues to get warmer many students from the impression that their work is done. Until the last day of school in June they are expected to follow all school rules. I am asking for your cooperation in keeping out school a safe and clean learning environment.
The letter -- click to see it larger.
Please review this letter with your child, please sign the bottom, and have the letter returned to me. Failure to return this letter will automatically keep your child off of the senior activates list. Each student that returns this letter will be review on a case by case situation. If your child is removed from the senior activities list or had no plans of attending any activity and continues to throw food or misbehaver the school has no choice but to suspend the child.

Thank you for your cooperation in keeping your school a safe and clean place to learn. Any questions or comments feel free to contact me at the school.

M. Levy
Health Academy Dean

(Underlines added to call attention to typos. Click on the letter to see it large enough to actually read. Note the person who highlighted it missed several typos -- we probably missed one or two also.)

Posted May 28, 2007

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