The Child Psychologist

The parents of a little boy were concerned because they couldn't get him to eat. After a couple of days of this, the frantic parents took the boy to a child psychologist.

After hearing the story, the psychologist sent the parents away so he could work his magic on the kid. He tried tempting the boy with a wide variety of foods and treats, but the boy refused to eat. Finally in exasperation, the psychologist finally asked the boy, "Well what do you want to eat?"

The boy, sitting defiantly with his arms crossed, thinks a moment, then says in a surly voice, "Worms!"

Intent on not being beaten, the child psychologist calmly reaches over to the intercom and instructs his secretary to go out and buy some worms. In short order the boy was presented with a heaping plate of worms.

Arms still crossed, the boy demanded, "I want them fried!" The secretary was sent out again, and eventually returned with a heaping plate of fried worms.

"I only want one!" the boy demanded. The psychologist calmly pushed aside all of the worms but one.

"You have to eat half!" the boy demanded. After a moment's pause, the psychologist cuts the worm in half, grabs a piece with a florish, and pops it into his mouth.

Immediately the boy started to cry.

"What's wrong now?" demanded the exasperated psychologist.

Between sobs, the kid yells: "You ate my half!"

Posted May 28, 2010

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