The Carnival Performer

"What do you do?" the pretty young thing asked the fellow on the stool next to her at the local watering hole.

"I'm a carnival performer," he said. "I do amazing mental tricks."

"Really? Like what?" she asked.

"The most amazing one is, I can feel a woman's breasts, and tell the exact day she was born."

"No way!"

"Yes, really."

"OK, try it on me," she said.

He reached over, put his hands up her shirt, and started poking, prodding, caressing, and gently pinching. He was clearly concentrating, but didn't say a word.

"Well?" she finally demanded after about two minutes. "When was I born?!"

"I've got it exactly," he said, with one final squeeze. "Yesterday."

Posted December 7, 2012

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