The Bar Bully

True story, sent in by a friend.

- - -

My wife and I owned a thriving Karate dojo with about a dozen instructors on our payroll. Someone once asked me, if my wife and I got into a fight, who would win? Kinda like putting two lumps of uranium together: which one would be the winner?

About 12 years ago, my wife and I were at a bar, along with another lady friend. We were playing pool, and some obnoxious guy at another table was being an asshole with his pool stick. He was enjoying bothering our lady friend by using his stick to raise her skirt or intrude between her thighs. He was also making a lot of noise about having just been released from prison and nobody could take him down. I was ready to prove him wrong when my wife interceded.

She told me that if I hurt him, he'd only be hurt. But if she hurt him, he'd not only be hurt but also embarrassed in front of the whole bar that a lady did it. (She's a mean one when she's drinking.) So I let her have her fun.

She told him to lay off with the pool stick. He challenged her with "What are you going to do about it? You won't even be able to get to me." And he started spinning his pool stick like a propeller. Now, me, I've never mastered bojitsu (stick fighting), but my wife has.

Anyway, here he's spinning this stick, convinced he's protected, and my wife simply reached in with her thumb and two fingers at the center. The stick never slowed down. It was still spinning, but instead of it being in his hands, it was in her hand. She let him watch the spinning stick while his mind tried to comprehend that it was no longer his. And when the light went on in his eyes, she stopped the spinning and coldcocked him right in the forehead. Didn't knock him out, but he staggered and was definitely about one step away from dropping. The guy left pretty quickly -- and everybody else around the tables actually cheered.

Posted November 2, 2009

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