The Bar Bully

A guy is sitting in a bar, just staring at his drink. A half-hour later, he's still there, staring at his drink, and hasn't drunk a drop.

Suddenly a bully steps up to the bar, takes the guy's drink, and gulps it all down.

The poor man starts crying.

"Oh, come on, man!" the bully says. "I was just joking! Here, I'll buy you another drink. I can't stand to see a man cry."

"This day is the worst of my life," the man says, mopping at his tears with his sleeve. "First, I got fired for oversleeping and getting to work late. I was only three months from vesting my pension! Then, as I'm leaving the building, I find out my car was stolen. I get in a cab to return home and I forget my wallet and credit cards in the cab. Then, I go inside and find my wife in bed with my best friend!"

"That is rough," the bully admits.

"There's more!" the dejected man says. "So I end up at this bar, and just when I was mustering up the courage to put an end to my life, you show up and drink my poison!"

Posted April 13, 2015

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