The Bank Teller

This is an absolutely true story -- it happened to me (Jumbo Joke site owner Randy Cassingham).

- - -

When I was in high school, someone gave me a pair of collar insignia: colonel's eagles. I thought they looked cool, that they were a bit patriotic (yeah: I was strange when I was in school -- not like now!), and I put them on my jacket collar.

Back before banks had ATMs and "PINs", my bank used a password for identification. I naturally chose "colonel".

One day I went to the bank to cash a check, and the teller asks for my password.

"Colonel," I say.

"Um, no..." the teller replies.

"It's not colonel? That's worked fine for a long time."

"No," she says, comparing the word I uttered while staring at the "real" password on the screen in front of her.

A bit exasperated at how their computer could be so stupid, I say "It's not c-o-l-o-n-e-l?!"

"Oh, yeah," the teller says. "That's how you spell that?"

She cashed my check. I'm guessing she retired after a long career as the bank's president.

Posted March 30, 2015

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