Terrible New Virus

Please pass around this new warning! This is a serious threat!

- - -

There is a dangerous virus being passed around electronically, orally, and by hand:

This virus has been dubbed by experts in the field the "Worm Overload Recreational Killer (WORK)" virus. It is highly contagious and spreading rampantly. Be on your guard!

If you receive WORK from any of your colleagues, your boss, or anyone else via any means, do not touch it! The consequences are severe: this virus can wipe out your private life completely.

If you should come into contact with WORK, put your jacket on and take two good friends to the nearest retail outlet for either of the two known antidotes -- both work equally well:

Take either or both antidotes repeatedly until WORK has been completely eliminated from your system.

Warning: Severe cases can be cleared out with Liquid Intensely Quenching Ultimate Obliteration Remedy (LIQUOR), which has multiple side effects, but sometimes is the only cure.

Your best remedy, as always, is avoidance. Approach possible WORK infestations with great care.

Posted August 28, 2015

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