Strong Enough for a Man, But Made for a Woman

A reader pointed out this photo, from (of all places) Walmart Canada's web site.

The category on their site:

Home Page -> Health & Beauty Aids -> Feminine Hygiene -> Details

Uh oh.

But no, really, here's a screen cap of it:

And what do you suppose it is that they're advertising?

The header shows "Summer's Eve Feminine Spray Ultra-Extra Strength"

And what might be considered an "ultra-extra strength" feminine spray in Canada? Well, check the accompanying photo:

(For the visually impaired, the photo shows a multi-horsepower gasoline-powered high-pressure sprayer, like what you would use to clean a driveway.)

The price wasn't listed.

(Alas, they have removed the image from the page at this point, thanks to the URL being passed around so much.)

Posted October 16, 2008

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