Strangers on a Train

Three engineers and three scientists were traveling by train to a conference. The scientists went to the ticket window and bought three one-way tickets. The engineers bought only one. The scientists remarked that there were three engineers but only one ticket. The engineers said to watch.

Right before the train left the three engineers crammed into one rest room. When the conductor came through to collect tickets he checked the rest room and, seeing it occupied, said "Ticket please." One of the engineers cracked open the door and handed out the ticket, which the conductor validated. After a few minutes the engineers returned to their seats. The scientists were amazed, and said they'd try it on the way back.

On the way back after the conference, the engineers and scientists met at the ticket window again. The scientists said "we know what to do" and bought only one ticket. But the engineers didn't buy any! Once again the scientists were perplexed. The engineers said "wait and see."

As the train left the station the scientists got up and crammed themselves into a rest room. The engineers did the same. After a few minutes, before the conductor appeared, one of the engineers came out of their wash room and knocked on the door where the scientists were and said "Ticket please!"

Posted June 30, 2014

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