Strange Google Phobias

Last night while writing This is True, one of the stories brought up the spectre of "mannequin phobia". Now, that's not something I had heard of before, so I thought I'd do some Google searches and see how many pages were devoted to the concept. The result: 327. Yikes!

Just like I checked out Freaky Google Deaths, I looked up a few other phobias, in quotes to get the exact phrase, and see just how scared people are of everyday things. As of this writing:

French fry phobia: 1

George W. Bush phobia: 2

Tricycle phobia: 4

Hot tub phobia: 6

Tuba phobia: 8

Hamburger phobia: 19

Blender phobia: 44

Vacuum phobia: 98 (You'd think more men would claim that one)

Bowling phobia: 119

Politician phobia: 145 (reasonable: phobia means irrational fear!)

Motorcycle phobia: 203

Google phobia: 209

Nudity phobia: 217

Credit card phobia: 242

Bicycle phobia: 258

Blog phobia: 429

Bathtub phobia: 563

Online phobia: 684

Cell phone phobia: 774

Obama phobia: 830

Banana phobia: 1,060

Internet phobia: 1,170

Car phobia: 1,310

Marriage phobia: 1,320

DVD phobia: 1,380

Fast food phobia: 1,530

Money phobia: 1,690

Fish phobia: 2,100

Sex phobia: 5,140


Clown phobia: 8,240

Posted May 25, 2009

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