Spammer Gets Canned

I don't often bother complaining to providers when I get spammed. In fact, on my site, I point out that it's usually a waste of time. But several years ago, one particularly irked me; it was "corporate" spam -- not a faked Yahoo address or something -- so I complained to the spammer's provider's abuse address.

A mere hour later, I got this lovely reply from's abuse department:

You will be happy to know that the spammer has been disconnected and is no longer welcome on our network. As punishment, I have unracked his server and subjected it to a 12-hour "cleansing" cycle in the local kiln. The smoldering molten metal will be formed into tin cans used for a preserved Spiced Ham product, one of which will be shipped to the spammer as a reminder.

Cheers, and thank you for the head's up.

So there you have it: proof enough that there are people in tech support, even the thankless "abuse" dept., that have great senses of humor.

My only complaint: he shouldn't have thrown the poor helpless server into the kiln. He should have shoved the customer in there.

Posted February 9, 2015

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