Sorry, Wrong Number

I got this from a friend just after posting yesterday's item (linked from the bottom it were).


[My employer] has once again changed health insurance carriers (back from HealthNet to Blue Cross). My family's cards arrived all with the wrong groups for our doctors.

I called the dedicated group hotline and spoke with a Blue Cross rep who was trying to help me, but couldn't since her computer was down. She suggested I call our doctors, get the code numbers from them and call her back. To expedite the return call, I asked for her direct number which she gave me.

The doctors did not know their code numbers, so I was calling the Blue Cross rep back to let her know. Since she had only given me a 7-digit number, I assumed it to be local and dialed. The line connected and I was greeted by a recording of a male voice which said: "You have reached the correct number for Manhole -- more butt for your buck."

At that point I hung up and made a mental note to always ask for area codes when getting phone numbers.

[I dunno: considering the recent item "10 Ways to Tell Your Company has Switched to Cheaper Health Insurance" item in combination with this one, she may have gotten the new colonoscopy hotline!]

Posted January 7, 2005

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