Security Camera Footage

It's a bit unclear if this is real security camera footage or a comic skit made to look like something from a security camera -- it's one of those things "going around". I brought it into my image editor to analyze it a bit ...and to slow it down so you can see what's happening. Whoever created it (or, if it was on TV) blurred out something near the bottom. The writing in the upper left is pretty fuzzy, but is apparently Japanese. According to a reader in Japan, it says:

"Crime Prevention Camera" and "The Decisive Moment" -- similar to the English idiom, "Moment of truth".

For the visually impaired, this security camera footage has supposedly caught an attempted robbery. The Bad Guy steps into the store, pulls a gun out of his jacket ...and immediately drops it onto the counter. The store clerk grabs it and the robber runs off. This is in slightly less than real time, yet it still happens pretty fast. I'm not sure I believe an unaware store clerk would react so quickly (and so well!), which is why I think it could be staged. Still, it's quite an amusing concept!

Posted August 11, 2014

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