Rules for Paramedics

Twenty years after giving up my certification as a street medic to change careers to publishing, I went back and recertified as an EMT to volunteer in my rural county. Our instructor, a crusty old military medic, liked to recite the "Six Rules For Paramedics". I've added a seventh, from an instructor in California.

- - -

Paramedic Rule #1: All your patients will die ...eventually.

Paramedic Rule #2: All bleeding stops ...eventually.

Paramedic Rule #3: If you drop the baby, pick it up.

Paramedic Rule #4: "O's" (oxygen) are good; "Oops" are bad.

Paramedic Rule #5: Don't taste it!

Paramedic Rule #6: It's not your problem -- it's the patient's problem.

My best friend in California had a different instructor than I did. His "rule" was more for the public than the medics, but I've added it as #7:

Paramedic Rule #7: Drive with care, or we'll be there.

Posted March 9, 2007

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