Way Back When, in my first iteration as a street medic, the ambulance company I worked for owned a house that not only was the residence for the on-duty crew, but several of us would sometimes live there for weeks or months at a time. Ambulance work is at times boring as hell ("hours of continual boredom punctuated by sheer terror" is how it's often put), so we would have to come up with something to do when we were on duty, or get the heck out of there when we were off.

One night when I was on-duty, I played a prank on one of the live-ins. He was off-duty, so he escaped to the movies to see The Shining. I had seen that myself (I didn't find it to be a horror flick; I laughed all the way through it. May have been a medic thing....)

Anyway, if you've seen it you remember the kid says "redrum" all the time, really freaking out his mother, who doesn't have any clue as to what it means or why he's saying it. Finally, she sees "redrum" written on the wall -- through a mirror -- and realizes it's "murder" backwards.

So while the off-duty guy was gone, I grabbed a pair of portable radios (very high-quality, professional walkie-talkies) from one of the ambulances. I turned one on, turned it up pretty loud, and put it under his bed. He came home a bit freaked out by the movie (Brian was a slightly, um, emotional type), but since he was on duty in the morning he shortly went to bed.

I waited about 15 minutes for him to settle in and turned on the other radio, keyed it up, and transmitted to the one under his bed, "redrum ... Redrum! ... REDRUM!!!" and then let out an evil laugh. It was so loud under his bed that from the other room, I could hear my own voice through the door. Before I was even done he came bursting out of his room in his underwear, carrying a baseball bat.

He was not thrilled, but the rest of us sure did get our entertainment for the evening!

Posted September 29, 2014

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