Red, White and Blue

I have a visitor staying with us for the weekend: He's from the Netherlands. As a way to loosen things up and get the conversation flowing, I noted that we have something in common: we both have red, white, and blue flags.

"Yes!" he said. "Our flag symbolizes our taxes."

"Um... huh?" I stammered. I mean yeah, it's almost April 15 here, but the flag symbolizes taxes?

"Sure," he said.

"How so?" I asked.

"We get red in the face when we talk about them, white in our knuckles when we get our tax bill, and we're blue after we pay them."

"Ah," I said, immediately grasping the concept. "That's the same with us -- only worse."

"How so?" he asked.

"We see stars, too."

Posted April 10, 2009

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