Putting the Fun in Funeral

My dad recently died, and the whole family gathered for a memorial service, which concentrated on my dad's great sense of humor. After all the friends and extended family had gone home, my brothers and sister gathered at our mom's place, and one of our tasks was to go through dad's things.

My mom pulled out a gorgeous wool coat dad had bought on a trip to Ireland, and my oldest brother, Curt, tried it on -- but couldn't button the front.

My second-oldest brother, Brian, observing it was too small to be buttoned, pointed out Curt's stomach and said "The coat's not the problem." That got a laugh from the family.

Curt, wanting to one-up the comment, said "Brian's mouth is the problem!"

Kit, my wife, was taking this all in too, and quickly retorted to Curt, "It's your mouth that's the problem!"

I just about sprayed my coffee throughout the room. Brian was impressed by by my wife's quick wit, Curt was speechless, and my sister almost fell on the floor laughing.

See why I married Kit?

- - -

(Another great true story about my dad is How Old Are You?)

Posted March 24, 2014

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