Pro Bassist Available

This is an actual ad from Craigslist Denver. Is it a serious ad? That I don't know: you be the judge! But if you're looking for a bassist, you might want to interview them before hiring.

PRO Bassist Available

Date: 2011-03-23, 9:48AM MDT

Bass available for PAYING GIGS ONLY. I play G, C, D. If your songs are not in G, please transpose them into G. If your song has an Em or Bm or anything off-the-wall, I will probably sit out that chord. Or I could learn those notes for $30 each.

If you want me to do fancy stuff like go back and forth between G and D while you hold a G chord, forget it becaue I'm a "pocket" player. Minimum $100 per gig within a 5 mile radius of zip code 80016. $5/mile travel charge for other areas of town.

Please make sure your gigs are on an RTD route or you can pick me up at my place. Must be home by 11 PM due to previous legal hassles. No gigs within 500 yards of schools, parks or playgrounds.

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Posted April 6, 2011

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