President Bush's Shoes

As I was writing my This is True column on Sunday, I saw a flash across the newswires about an Iraqi reporter throwing his shoes at George W. Bush's head during a news conference, and immediately whipped out a story:

Editorial Comments

On a secret pre-Christmas farewell trip, President George W. Bush went to Baghdad to meet officials -- and hold a press conference. During the president's comments, an Iraqi reporter interrupted, shouting in Arabic, "This is a farewell kiss, you dog!" and hurled his shoe at the president's head. Bush ducked, so the man threw his other shoe, which also missed. Other reporters wrestled the man to the ground before Secret Service guards could even react. The president was unfazed, joking "All I can report is that it's a size 10." (AP) ...The worst part: "Made in Iran" on the label.

(From This is True for 14 December 2008, ©2008 All Rights Reserved)

Hey: no matter what you think of Bush, at least you have to agree that he has admirable reflexes!

I knew it would be big news, but I didn't realize just how big the story would get! Yes, it's achieved mythic online parody status, with a number of brilliant animations going around. Here are just two of the ones that have been going around:


And here's the actual video footage from the event:

Jay Leno's comment on the event: it's the first time Bush leaned to the left!

Posted December 19, 2008

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