Old Guy at the Gym

An older guy was working out at the gym. He was not in very good shape, but he perked up when he spotted a sweet young thing across the room. She was gorgeous!

He finally caught the trainer's eye and motioned him over.

"Can I help you?" the buff expert asked.

"Yeah," the graying, paunchy, guy said, huffing even though he was only pushing 10 pounds. "That girl over there...."

The trainer takes a quick look. "Ah, Ramona. She's in great shape, eh?"

"Yeah," the guy says, puffing. "What machine in this place should I use to impress her?"

"There's only one machine that could possibly work, if you're up to it," the trainer said.

"What!?" the sweaty flab-master demanded.

"The ATM in the lobby."

Posted August 24, 2011

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