O.J. Simpson's New Book

Celebrity murderer O.J. Simpson wrote a book about how he "would have" killed his ex-wife and a passerby "If I Did It". (See my reaction to O.J.'s book.)

Parody songwriter Dick Cabeza and KFI Talk Radio (Los Angeles) producer Michelle Kube* came up with this "excerpt" from OJ's new book, "with apologies to Dr. Seuss"....

I did not kill them, this I know
I did not kill Ron and Nicole
I do not like Green Eggs and Ham
I do not like them Sam I Am.

I 'could' have killed them in the hall
I 'could' have killed them, kill them all!
I 'would' have killed them with a glove
I 'would' have killed them from above

I will not admit killing them on a show
I did not even admit it to Kato
I'll take my money and run away
And maybe kill again another day


Posted November 21, 2006

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