Not Worried About Swine Flu

An actual letter from a reader.

- - -

Liked your piece regarding the "Swine Flu" -- you provided me more information relative to same than my doctor at the Veterans Administration Medical Center in Long Beach a long shot.

Personally, I'm not too concerned with H1N1. Here's why:

Chinese calendar three years ago: Year of the Cow
Result? "Mad Cow Disease"

Chinese calendar two years ago: Year of the Bird
Result? "Bird Flu"

Chinese calendar this year: Year of the Pig
Result? "Swine Flu"

My only concern?

Next year is the Year of the Cock.

(Sent by Bob in California)

- - -

Funny ...but wrong. There is no "Year of the Bird", though there is a Year of the Rooster (aka "Cock") -- the next one is 2017. 2009 is Ox, 2008 was Rat, and Pig was in 2007.

Posted October 12, 2009

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