Northeast Braces for Temps Near Boiling Point

This is an actual screen shot taken from the Associated Press's web site on July 26, 2011.

The AP headline on July 22, 2011, during this summer's heat wave:

Northeast Braces for Temps Near Boiling Point

The corroborating details: "Boston's 99 degrees on Friday could feel like 105 degrees; Philadelphia's 102 degrees like 114 degrees and Washington, D.C.'s 103 degrees may seem the same as a melting 116 degrees."

The screen shot:

Screen cap of AP headline

Apparently, AP reporters have no clue as to the difference between "Fahrenheit" and "Celsius". Heck: 100 degrees F is 311 degrees K, so now what, AP?

(Nor do the editors: as I said, I got this screen cap four days after it was posted, and it's still not corrected!)

Source (if it's still there!)

Posted July 27, 2011

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