Newspaper Clip: Should Women be Spanked?

This appears to be from the 40s or 50s (the Mirror ceased publication in 1963). It's a "man on the street" interview-type item. The question of the day?

"If a Woman Needs It, Should She Be Spanked?"


Notice none of the men say no:

Old newspaper clipping.

If you can't read the clip (click it for full size), here it is, transcribed:

MIGUEL MATOS, Brooklyn, counterman: "Why not? If they don't know how to behave by the time they're adults, they should be treated like children and spanked. That ought to make them grow up in a hurry. If it doesn't at first, they'll soon get the idea."

FRANK DESIDERIO, Brooklyn, barber: "Yes, when they deserve it. As a barber, I've got a lot of faith in the hairbrush. I think there are certain cases when it is advisable. When it is, there's no reason why you shouldn't go right ahead and do it. I can't knock the idea. In my business, a man sets a lot of store by the results he can get with a hairbrush properly applied."

TEDDED GALLEI, Brooklyn, parking lot attendant: "You bet. It teaches them who's boss. A lot of women tend to forget this is a man's world and a lot of men who stepped down as boss of a family wish they hadn't. Spanking might help get back some of the respect they lost."

WILLIAM DAVIS, Brooklyn, toy factory owner: "Yes. Most of them have it coming to them anyway. If they don't, it will remind them how well off they are. I subscribe to the theory that an ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure."

Of course, it may all be a setup. Here's the clue, from the top: "Today's question by Herman Martin, 125 Broad St., New York 4, N.Y."

What's at that address now? The New York Civil Liberties Union.

Yeah, really.

If it's not a setup, it's delicious irony!

Posted January 30, 2013

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