New Guy in Marketing

A new guy was hired by the marketing department, and as low man on the totem pole he had to go out and do consumer surveys. So he was pretty glad to find someone willing to answer his questions.

"Which shaving cream do you use?" he asked the willing man on the street, ready to write down the answer on his clipboard.

"Bubba's," the gent answered.

The marketing maven hadn't heard of that brand, but he dutifully wrote it down and went on to the next question:

"Which aftershave do you use?"

Again, the answer was "Bubba's."

And sure enough, he got the exact same answer to all the rest of his questions:

-- they were all "Bubba's." Impressed with a company with such a full range of products, the interviewer finally asked, "OK, tell me, is this 'Bubba' company an international or foreign company?"

"No," the guy says. "He's my roommate."

Posted June 8, 2005

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