My Vote for Miss America

Beauty contests get it all wrong. We can have pretty-but-bubbleheaded types like Miss Teen South Carolina, or we can have real women like this gal:

For the visually impaired, the photo shows a very pretty woman wearing a U.S. Air Force flight suit, standing at a huge machine gun. The caption reads:

"Vanessa Dobos is a gunner on a USAF AC-130 gunship. She has seen action in Iraq and Afghanistan. She likes long walks on the beach, men who aren't afraid to cry and puppies.

"Her dislikes include feed tray stoppages, tracer flareout of her NVGs and premature fixed-wing strikes scattering her high-value targets."

Sure, the caption is a joke. But seriously: I'd cast my vote for her in any Miss America contest!

Posted November 19, 2007

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