My Beautiful Neighbor

When a new neighbor moved in across the street, I couldn't help but notice. She's gorgeous! She's young, she's single, she's petite, and she has the most beautiful blonde hair you can imagine.

I noticed when she got home from work this evening. She was looking particularly hot.

I was surprised when she walked across the street and up my driveway.

She knocked on my door, and I rushed to open it.

She looks at me, and says, "I just got home, and I am so horny! I have this strong urge to have a good time, get drunk, and make love all night long!"

I did my best to keep my cool. "Really," I said.

"Yes," she answered. "So... are you busy tonight?"

I immediately replied, "Nope, I'm free. I have no plans at all!"

"Good!" she said. "In that case, could you babysit my kids?"

Man... it's just no fun getting old!

Posted August 28, 2013

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