Missing Employee

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One morning a grumpy boss notices that one of his employees is not at his desk, so he calls his home. A small child answers in a whisper, "Hello?"

"Is your father home?" the boss asks.

"Yes," the child replies.

"May I please speak with him?"

"No," is the response.

The boss is a tad startled, but he realizes he's talking to a little kid, so he says "OK, is your mommy home then?"

"Yes," is whispered again.

"May I please speak with her?"

"No," is the reply.

By now the boss is getting frustrated. "What are they doing then?" he asks.

"Talking to the policeman," the child whispers.

Now this gets the bosses attention. "Why is there a policeman there?" he asks.

"He came in the helicopter," the child whispers.

"A helicopter?" Now his interest is really intrigued. "Why is there a helicopter there?" he asks in an excited voice.

"They're all with the search party," the child says.

"A search party, who are they searching for?" the boss asks.

"Me!" the voice replies, and then hangs up.

Posted October 21, 2015

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