Make a Run for the Boarder

Another in my (ever-longer) series of news media gaffes. Let's start with the Houston Chronicle on 11 October 2012:

Headline from Houston Chronicle

It reads:

Funeral for boarder patrol agent Nicholas Ivie

And if you're not really sure that they truly don't know how to spell the word "border" they repeated it in the subhead: "Nicholas Ive was shot to death as he was patrolling the U.S. Mexican Boarder on October 2 2012 near Naco, Arizona."

They fixed it, but it's far from the only gaffe (not to mention they spelled the slain man's name two different ways). Here's on 16 October 2012:

Headline from

Las Vegas champaigns anti-bullying effort (Video) (Video)

They not only changed it to the makes-much-more-sense "champions" but also dropped the extra "(Video)".

But Forbes is the winner this week with this effort, from 16 October 2012:

Caption from Forbes

No, not the headline, but rather the caption under the photo:

"Marcus Brauchli, right, with other people not especially relevant to this story. (Image credit: Getty Images North America via @daylife)"

They win because as of this posting, they've kept it that way on their site.


Note: Follow the "Previous" links below on the "Media" category to see some great gaffes of the past.

Posted October 19, 2012

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