Major League Errors

The managers of teams in Major League Baseball aren't always known for their brains (hello, Dodgers fans!), but you'd think they could spell their own teams' names right.

You'd think so, but....

San Francicso Giants
Eugenio Velez of the San Francicso Giants


Washington Natinals
Ryan Zimmerman of the Washington Natinals


Cncinnati Reds
Aaron Harang of the Cncinnati Reds


Los Angeles Angees
Adam Riggs of the Los Angeles Angees


Torotno Blue Jays
Joe Carter of the Torotno Blue Jays

But hey: it's not just team names!

Jeff Francouer
Jeff Francoeur's Kansas City Royals jersey shows his name as Francouer

(Source: Sports Illustrated)

Posted July 11, 2011

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