Legal Disclaimer

This is absolutely true: I saw it with my own eyes. A friend sent me a URL, said I "needed" to see it. I could tell instantly from the URL that it was a porn site.

"Check out the paragraph at the bottom," he said.

I fired up my heavy-duty virus software and clicked the link. Yep, it was a porn site -- a bunch of sample photos. But sure enough, the paragraph at the bottom, a legal disclaimer, was hysterical (especially the last sentence):

"All models depicted are at least 18 years old at the time photos were taken. Just like in the movies, this site is fictitious and contains enactments of fantasy. All storylines, names, references to locations, and actions are fictional and the work of professionals. Do not attempt this at home."

I hate to tell the "professional" sex purveyors this, but the sort of thing they show on their site is something a lot of us are definitely going to "attempt" at home!


Update: a lot of porn sites have now adopted this disclaimer. There's just nothing original in porn!

Posted December 6, 2006

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